WeMo Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker Giveaway

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I have talked to you a few time about the WeMo Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker. Well, now I get to give one away to one of you!

WeMoTM Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker #crockpot #wemoments

The great thing about this new Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker enabled with WeMoTM  is that it gives you remote access via your smart device to all cooking functions! No more worries! Need to adjust cooking time or temperature? Need to shift to warm or turn off your Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker? That is no problem with this new technology. Just open the app on your smart device and adjust whatever you need to.

wemo app

Whether you are in the middle of homework, at a doctors appointment, or stuck on a last minute phone call at work, you can adjust whatever you need to on you slow cooker with this slow cooker.

wemo app timer

This works great for me.

I often schedule my kids doctor appointments for after school. I do this to avoid my kids missing any school. However, we all know that doctors aren’t always on time which can be a dilemma when I don’t arrive home as planned and I have dinner cooking in my slow cooker.

wemo app

In the past, I would call and ask one of my other kids at home to adjust my slow cooke as needed. However, even though I talk to then and tell them what to do, sometimes they forget to do what I just instructed them to do. Now there is no problem with my WeMo Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker. I can adjust my slow cooker right in the doctors office from my smart phone.

WEMO Crock Pot and Ingredients

I have enjoyed using my WeMo Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker for making things like Cherries Jubilee and Caramelized Onions! To enter to win this awesome slow cooker, go to the rafflecopter widget below.

I am a WeMoTM Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker ambassaodor.  The thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

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  1. The WeMO technology would help me when I’m away from home and running late. I can turn it off or on with my smartphone.

  2. This will definitely come in handy when I am working late, I can put meals in the crockpot all day long especially soups! Also we can use this on the weekends to make meals too!

  3. I would love to win this for game nights! I can put all the stuff together before we head out fr baseball or football games or practice then when we get home we will have something hot and ready to eat! it would save a ton of time and money! instead of going to fast food places after the games

  4. I would love to win this for game nights! I can put all the stuff together before we head out fr baseball or football games or practice then when we get home we will have something hot and ready to eat! it would save a ton of time and money!

  5. This cooker would be so beneficial for me with my work schedule. How amazing it would be to come home to a meal that is ready to eat : )
    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  6. It would be great for when unexpected things come up and I don’t have to worry about sticking around to adjust things. I could just go and adjust from wherever I am, wonderful!

  7. I would probably find this super handy even when I’m mostly at home – great to see the timer and great to have better control over it.

  8. When I’m out with my toddler, things can sometimes unexpectedly take much longer than I think they will. A WeMo slow cooker would be very handy in those situations.

  9. This would come in handy whenever I had a sudden schedule change and can’t run home to adjust the crock pot! I rely on it so much in these upcoming cold months!

  10. This would definitely come in handy when something comes up unexpectedly and you can’t be home to adjust your slow cooker.

  11. This would be perfect for weekends, when I need to start the Crock Pot, but am away at the kid’s activities.

  12. My schedule makes it difficult to put dinner in the crockpot in the morning and not have it overcooked, so I’d love to be able to start it from work.

  13. I already love to make crock pot dinners. However, sometimes I get stuck in traffic and the roast gets overcooked. Having the ability to shut off the crock pot from the car would awesome! Perfectly cooked dinner ready when I walk in the door!

  14. This would come in so handy if I couldn’t get home in time to have dinner ready… which happens more than I like 🙂

  15. I work 12 hour shifts at least every day this would so come in handy so that i could start food when i need to to be able to eat at a normal time or slow down cooking if i am going to be late

  16. My current slow cooker is on its last legs so I’m definitely in the market for a new one. And being able to control this one from the office on those unexpected late nights would be amazing!

  17. This would be so nice to use for when I am working and gone 10+ hours. How awesome this would be to turn on and have supper ready when we get home!

  18. I would love love love to win this. I would gift it to my only Daughter who works so hard. I know what it was like when I worked and didn’t make it home at time planned. What a life saver this would be for her.

  19. I can never do fauxtisserie chickens because I am at work for too long. . . actually anything chicken. I would LOVE this. WoW! Thanks for the opportunity and for sharing the information that this technology is out there.

  20. Would help so much with my busy errands and homeschooling I’m always getting held up somewhere.
    Sucha nice feature.

  21. I serve at church often and I would love to be able to control my crockpot at home! Sometimes I’m later than I think I will be getting home.

  22. I do freezer meals I’m my slow cooker three to four days a week. This one would certainly simplify my current process of starting it later in the day or leaving instructions for one of the kids.

  23. Actually, I’d probably give this to my favorite neighbor, because she has 4 young children and is always running in a million directions. And, I don’t have a smartphone.

  24. Oh my gosh what a great life saver! Getting dinner for evenings rather than stopping to eat someplace. A money saver as well!

  25. My slow cooker cooks too hot, burning food if I cook it according to the times recommended. How does this slow cooker do? Can you cook on low for eight hours without burning food?

  26. With two toddlers, I am often late for our set dinnertime. This would be a godsend! I could turn down my chili and not worry about it. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  27. This would be awesome to win! Definitely come in handy the minute I need to turn it down but can’t physically be there to do it.

  28. One of these would be very handy for me–I leave for work at about 6 and often don’t return home until 5:30 or so, so I can’t just leave something to cook all day without an automatic timer.

  29. With 3 boys and their various sports schedule I could see this coming in handy all the time. I’d love to come home to dinner.

  30. This is so great. As a busy teacher, I could easily see my self using this regularly. When a meeting came up or on Parent teacher conference nights, I could have dinner waiting for my family. Love this!!

  31. I would love this kind of crockpot. I would start it in the early morning and then while I’m out shopping or visiting my parents for the day, I’d still be able to monitor my cooking at home! Wow!–what will be next to help mom’s in the kitchen?

  32. I need one! Especially when I cook chicken in the crock and need to turn it down but I’m pulled into a last minute meeting.

  33. There are many times that I am delayed getting home at night after work. This slow cooker would be great to have for those occasions. I could adjust the cooker so that things would be perfect when I get home.

  34. I cook a lot if meals for our Soldiers and this would come in handy to make sure there is enough for everyone. Thank you for this wonderful offer.

  35. I use my crock pot all the time & didn’t even know this existed!!! How cool to be able to make adjustments with your phone <3

  36. I’m thinking this would be handy at work or even while I’m at the grocery store. Both times I can be held up. This sounds so convenient!

  37. Right now I make crock pot meals the night in advance then finish it up when I get home from work the day we want to eat it. Would love to be able to turn it on remotely from work and just cook it in one day!

  38. I have nearly a 45 minute commute, so lots of opportunities for traffic to have a major impact. This would be soooo nice

  39. it would come in handy when i go to pick up my husband at the train station and wait for him. I can make adjustments while I am not at home.

  40. Oh my this would come in handy so many times in my life. I wouldnt have to call and get my son or husband to turn the heat to just warm when I get held up at work.