Stitch Fix #4

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I just received my Stitch Fix #4 last week. I’m wondering if they are experiencing some growing pains? I was sent two shipments by accident. One was for another customer but shipped to my address. Some of the items I got this time were missing their style card – one of the main reasons I would even want to buy from Stitch Fix. There was a print out of some cards in my package, but not for the items I received. They were also for another customer. Her named was Lara and also had a last name that began with P.

I know mistakes can be made, but my situation had quite a few. Let’s hope it is all due to the popularity of the company and their ability to keep up with the growth.

Here is what I was sent this time. ANTWERP LONGSLEEVE TUNIC SWEATER (grey) for $78.

I liked this but decided not to keep it due to the fact it snags easily. Why spend $78 on a sweater just to get it ruined? Attached to the sweater was a paper stating to remove any jewelry before trying of the sweater to prevent snagging it. Plus, it already came with some snags in it when I received it. I did love the feel of the sweater though and loved the color. Too bad it snags.


Next up, FAUX LEATHER DETAIL FRONT-TWIST TOP (burgundy) for $58.

I usually like this style of top but wasn’t thrilled with the fit on this. It was too high at the bottom in the front.  Plus, I felt it wasn’t the best quality for the price. No style card included and wasn’t sure I could rock the faux leather shoulders. This went back.


My third item was a HUEBERT SPACE DYE OPEN CARDIGAN  (grey) for $58.

I liked it but wasn’t in love with it. I have to love it for $58. No style card included with this piece either. It was very comfy though, but it went back.



I must say this is one item that I have received so far that I could say I hated. I didn’t like the print, it reminded me of something one of my teachers in elementary would wear. Also, I did not like the studs on the shoulder. It was a far stretch for my style with those. Plus, no style card included. Adios to this one!


Last up is a MISSION 3/4 SLEEVE V-NECK BLOUSE (purple) for $68.

I loved the color, style, and fit of this item. My decision was to keep it. I do try and keep at least 1 item since I already paid a $20 style fee. If you keep an item the style fee goes toward that item.


I must admit that I am a bit disappointed that I have been only sent 1 pair of pants and 1 necklace so far. I would like to see more than just tops, so I may request something in my next fix.

Also, I heard from another Stitch Fix user that if you receive and item that you like, but it doesn’t fit, you can request it in the comment portion of your review of you fix and ask it to be sent in your next fix. She says she has received what she has asked for. Wish I had know that for my #2 fix. I would fave asked for that cute polka dot top in a larger size!

I have enjoyed it up to this point but was hoping by #4 they would have a better handle on my style. Hoping my feed back on this one helps makes the next one even better!

I know you can give Stitch Fix for Christmas too. Gift Cards begin at $20.

Disclosure: I was not compensated at all for my post. I chose to try and pay for Stitch Fix on my own. I do, however, get credit for referrals. If you choose to try Stitch Fix yourself, please sign up from the links I provided in my post so I can get credit for the referral.

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  1. I received my second shipment quite as a surprise because I cancelled after my first shipment in which I found nothing I would have bought for myself and the poor quality of the clothes was really a turn-off. I gave them up to $100 limit per item and they gave me $30 items out of some bargain basement. The clothes were not my size. I am returning everything again and trying again to cancel my membership. There does not seem to be a phone number for customer service that i can call and speak to a real live person.

  2. I really like that purple top! I just signed up for my first Fix and am excited to see what arrives, though I’ll take everything with a grain of salt. I’d imagine it takes a while for them to really figure out “your style,” though I’m trying to get bolder in the coming year. After losing 35 lbs. this year, I’m hoping I’ll get more adventurous with my fashion choices!