Stitch Fix #18

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Today, I am going to show you all what I got in my latest shipment – Stitch Fix #18. I must admit, I look forward to seeing what is sent each time.

First was a MARKET AND SPRUCE Pegah Striped Long Sleeve Shirt for $34.

I love the price but not the shirt. It looked like something I remember my Grandma wearing. It was a little better when I tried it on, but I just didn’t like it. There may have ben a mental block on this one since it reminded me of a Grandma shirt. Bye bye to this one.

Stitch Fix 18 blue striped

Next was this fuchsia 41HAWTHORN Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse for $58.

I do love this color and have a few items that are the same color. Unfortunately, this one just didn’t fit. It was too tight in the chest for me. Otherwise, I liked it but didn’t keep it.

Stitch Fix 18 fuchsia blouse

I was in love with this 41HAWTHORN Presley Color-block Button Back Sweater for $68.

I absolutely loved the style, pattern, and colors. The only problem with this was it pulled open a bit at the bottom two buttons on the back of this sweater. Didn’t think that that looked so good, otherwise I would have kept this one for sure! Sent it back.

Stitch Fix 18 yellow sweater front

stich fix 18 yellow sweater

Then there was this OLIVE & OAK Andreas Hi-Lo Reglan Sweater for $68.

This immediately reminded me of a sweater that I wore in the 80’s. I also remembered that the sweater was 100% acrylic and would get all pilly. This one also happened to be acrylic. I tried it on, but just couldn’t get past the 80’s look. Plus, I would not be happy if I paid $68 for a sweater that ends up getting all pilly after a few washes. So it went back.

Stitch Fix 18 blue sweater

Last was this BAY TO BAUBLES Gaia Layered Gem Necklace for $28.

Loved the style of this and the colors. So, this is the one item I actually kept.

Stitch Fix 18 necklace

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