Stitch Fix #16 and #17

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Ok, I got I little bit behind on my Stitch Fix posts, so I am sharing my last 2 shipments with you today.  This is my Stitch Fix #16 and #17 shipment.

I was sent this blue Kristine Woven Tassel Satchel for $68.

If you ask my husband, he would tell you I kind of love handbags a little too much. I loved this bag, it was so cute. However, I resisted temptation because I really didn’t NEED a bag like this. Sent this one back even though I would have loved to keep it.

stitch fix 16 blouse | realmomkitchen.com

stitch fix 16 purse | realmomkitchen.com


This Allee Gathered Waistline dress in grey for $78.00 looked too short for me.

Tried it on and it was, plus the style was so not flattering in me. NO problem sending this one back.

stitch fix 16 dress | realmomkitchen.com

I must say, I really did like this light pink Garcia Slub Knit V-neck Sweater.

I loved the style, color, and fit. It was very soft too.  I always love a soft sweater. However, it was $98 and looked like it would get snagged easily. Too high priced for me and I would have bawled the minute it was snagged.

stitch fix 16 sweater | realmomkitchen.com

Then their was this Saxton Geo Print Henley Blouse for $58.

When I tried it on, I just didn’t like the print on me. Style was fine, but print was bad!

stitch fix 16 black blouse | realmomkitchen.com

Last from this shipment was this burnt orange Mission Abstract Dot Print V-Neck Blouse for $68.

It was the one thing I actually kept. Loved the print and color of this one.

stitch fix 16 blouse | realmomkitchen.com

Next, was what I received in my 17th shipment.

This was probably the best shipment I have received in a while. First was this fun Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan for $68. I LOVED this sweater. Loved the color, fit and style of this. However, I have bigger upper arms which tend to be a problem for me with some clothing and that was the case on this sweater. It was way too tight a fit on my upper arms. So unfortunately, I had to send it back.

stitch fix 17 sweater | realmomkitchen.com

Then there was this blue Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top for $48.

I love the whole dolman style to begin with and loved the blue heather color of this one. It fit perfectly, so I kept this one.

stitch fix 17 top | realmomkitchen.com

I was sent this Sandra Abstract Print Infinity Scarf for $34.

I do have a lot of scarves but decided to keep this one. The colors and texture that it has is something I loved. It also looked like it will be warm and cozy to wear. If I would have been able to keep the orange sweater, it would have gone well with that and it looked great with the blue dolman top I kept.

stitch fix 17 scarf | realmkomkitchen.com

I loved the color of this Minal Heart Print Henley Blouse that came for $68.

However, once I put it on the whole heart print just wasn’t doing it for me. I think I am too old for this print. If it would have been something other than hearts, I probably would have kept it. Maybe Stitch Fix needs to have you put your age in your profile. I don’t remember putting it in, but that could be helpful for them to know.

stitch fix 17 blouse | realmomkitchen.com

Last was a pair of these Jake Slim Bootcut Jeans. for $88.

For the most part, the jeans I have been sent always fit me just right. I think there has only been one time that they haven’t. I still love to wear the first pair that I got from Stitch FIx. These fit perfect this time too. However, I sent them back for these reasons. First, I have way too many pairs of dark wash jeans. Second, they were longer so they have to be worn with high heels. Third, I don’t wear high heels that often. Forth, I have one pair of jeans to wear with heels and I don’t wear them that much, so really no need for these jeans.

stitch fix 17 jeans | realmomkitchen.com

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