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Stitch Fix #13

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I was really happy with what I received in my latest Stitch Fix #13! It was the best fix as far as sizing goes. Everything was perfect on size.


I loved the colors and the print. However, I wasn’t so sold on how the print looked on me. So this went back.

13 maxi skirt

Next was these EMER HIGH WAISTED CROPPED TROUSER  for $98.00.

They fit perfectly and I did like them. Problem was I really didn’t need them especially for $98. Also, I had seen a pair similar to these at another store for under $20. So If I really needed them, I would have gone for the $20. Sent these back.

13 blue pants


I was in love with this SAM HI-LO SHORT SLEEVE TEE  for $44.00 when I opened my fix.

I was even more in love when it when I tried it on. It was so soft and I loved the color. This one  was a keeper!

13 teal top

I loved the print of this MONTY SCARF PRINT KIMONO CARDIGAN for $58.00.

However, when I tried it on it really just wasn’t me. Maybe if it was a solid, but the print was just wrong for me. Bye, bye to this one.

13 cardi

Last was this WAYNE SWISS DOT & FLORAL TIE-NECK BLOUSE for $68.00.

I was hoping to like this because I loved the print. However, the way the print was along the bottom of the blouse just didn’t look good on me. It drew attention to the wrong area. Adios to this item also.

13 floral

So all in all, I loved the style of all of the items sent and they fit perfectly. The issue came in on these items with the prints on the fabric. So, I was really happy overall and can’t wait to wear my new top this week on a trip I have.

Disclosure: I was not compensated at all for my post. I chose to try and pay for Stitch Fix on my own. I do, however, get credit for referrals. If you choose to try Stitch Fix yourself, please sign up from the links I provided in my post so I can get credit for the referral. To find out more about how Stitch Fix works, then read my first stitch fix post.


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  1. I love these. Seen a story the other night about Stitch Fix. Sounds really neat! Am going to have to check it out.