Readers Choice of 2020

Readers Choice of 2020 |
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Happy new year! Today is the last post of countdown. We have hit 2021 and I am shring the readers choice of 2020 today. This list shows what posts you as the reader has visited in 2020.

I am so greatful for all of you who stop by and find recipes that become family favorites. With all the craziness of 2020, sharing my love for food with all of you has been a light in a very dark year.

The recipes are also listed in the order of popularity. The most popular recipe from 2020 was sweet cream pancakes. I was inspired to make this after a visit to a restaurant that served sweet cream pancakes. You basically use cream in the pancakes instead of buttermilk.

Next is a recipe that almost made my list for best breads of 2020. This recipe is for maple brown sugar oatmeal muffins. It is like my favorite bowl of oatmeal was turned into muffin form.

Third choice is the Hawaiian guava cake that I served at my summer luau. This is a at home version of a classic Hawaiian dessert. It was originally a creation from the Dee Lite Bakery in Honolulu. It uses a cake mix as the beginning of the cake.

Last of the readers choice of 2020 is not really a recipe per say. It’s more of an instrutional post. This post shows how to make frozen hashbrown patties in an air fryer. This is my absoulte favorite way to cook them now. They end up so nice and crispy.

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