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Panasonic Microwave and Rice Cooker Review

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I was recently sent a couple of panasonic appliances to test and review. Today I am reviewing a Panasonic Microwave and Rice Cooker.  I must admit, when I think of Panansonic, I usually think of electronics not appliances so I was happy to give them a try.

I was sent the Panasonic NN-SD997S Microwave with the ability to cook foods like chicken from start to finish, the microwave is no longer just for reheating! Inverter technology delivers consistent microwave energy, allowing foods to maintain their color, flavor, shape and texture.


I also received the Panasonic SR-DF101 Microcomputer Fuzzy Logic Rice Cookers:  effortless one-touch cooking offers quick meal-time preparation for this 5-cup cooker ( the SR-DF181 can do 10-cups). The versatile appliance can make more than just rice, with the ability to make food ranging from dumplings to cupcakes!

Rice Cooker
I must say I was presently surprised with both products.  

I loved the microwave.  It was the same capacity as my other microwave but was not as tall. I really appreciated that this took up less space. I also liked the stainless steel look.

Another favorite feature is the inverter technology.  I can reheat leftovers with the touch of a button.  It reheats it so the temperature is just right and I didn’t notice as many crispy or over heated areas with my dishes using this feature in comparison to my old microwave.

Another thing I loved was the actual buttons on this microwave.  They were not just buttons covered with a sheet of thick plastic. It seems very well made and I would recommend this if you are in the market for a microwave.

Next is the rice cooker.  I love the 1 touch buttons for White Rice, Brown Rice, Porridge / Soup, Steam / Quick Cook. I had a rice cooker previously and it only and 1 button for cook.  The size of this 5 cup cooker was perfect for my family.

This rice cooker was more compact than my other one and easy to store.  It was also easier to clean. In my opinion, it is another great product!  If you cook rice a lot, then I highly recommend you by one.  You are also able to cook the rice without the butter needed in a stove top method.  It is so great to just click a button and leave.  Plus, when the rice is done cooking it automatically switches to warm. I am excited to now had this I was recently sent a couple of panasonic appliances to test and review. Today I am reviewing a Panasonic Microwave and Rice Cooker.

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shirley elizabeth March 9, 2013 - 12:11 pm

Have you tried the brown rice setting on the rice cooker yet? My experience so far is that brown rice never comes out done or good enough.