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Today is the last post of my new kitchen appliances for my new kitchen and it’s an important one – the dishwasher.

So when doing my research, I was all set on purchasing a Bosch dishwasher. However, once I went in and talked with my friend Lance at RC Willey he suggested an ASKO dishwasher instead. They also had some old models that he could get me for an awesome deal (including a rebate). He told me that the only big difference between the old model and the new model was the model number. So I took his word and went with the ASKO.

asko dishwasher in island |

new kitchen island |

ASKO Dishwasher

I must say I have been happy with the choice. My dishes have been the cleanest they have ever been and I love the layout of the dishwasher itself.

asko dishwasher bottom drawer |

The bottom rack has room for plates and bowls. The silverware basket can be moved around to where ever you need it based upon what you need to fit in the dishwasher at the time. This dishes load at a slight angle rather that straight up and down. I think this helps the dishes to get super clean!

asko dishwasher middle rack |

Then there is a nice middle rack. It’s perfect for those oversized utensil you use when cooking. I have also used it for ramekins and even a 9 x 13 glass pan. I never had any rack like this one before and it’s my favorite part of this dishwasher.

asko dishwasher top rack |

The top rack is also pretty great. It can be raised or lowered. I can raise it to make more room for the middle rack or lower it to make more room on the top rack. It also has all kinds of things that can flip up or flip down based on what you need to load in there.

asko dishwasher inside door |

With all my stainless steel appliances, I also had a product placed on them called PRO Shine. This significantly reduce the finger prints and cleaning need for the stainless steel. If I do need to clean things of, all I need is a microfiber cloth that is damped with some water.  If that doesn’t take care of it then there is a cleaner that said to use, but the need for this is rare.

For you locals, I did purchase my dishwasher for my new kitchen at the RC Willey Draper location with the help of a good friend, Lance Kingsford. He likes to cook himself and is a very knowledgeable resource for appliances. If you shop there for any new appliance, I high recommend you ask for him to help you out!

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I simply wanted to share my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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