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I am starting to see little green tulip foliage Martha White Spring Giveaway |
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I am beginning to see some signs of spring in my neck of the woods. The other day it was 70 degrees and I am starting to see little green tulip foliage peaking out of the ground. To celebrate I have a Martha White Spring Giveaway.

You may remember that back in December, I shared a free e-book, put together by Martha White, full of recipes for great dishes in a pinch. To help folks gear up for springtime occasions with some brighter, lighter-tasting items, they’re releasing another free downloadable cookbook for “go-to” recipes perfect for a big Sunday lunch, brunch, picnic or any special event.

The spring e-book is a tasty collection of six recipes, along with a handy shopping list, to print out and keep on hand. It includes Southern Spoonbread and Mini Coconut Cakes with Coconut Cream, an imaginative recipe that utilizes muffin mix as a base.


If you found their holiday e-book to be helpful, hopefully you will enjoy this springtime version even more. To give one lucky reader a head start, Martha White has put together another grocery tote outfitted with all of the Martha White products included in the e-book.

To enter, this Martha White Spring Giveaway leave a comment on this post telling me which recipe from the ebook you most want to try.  You have until Friday March 22 at midnight (MST) to enter. I will announce the winner at the bottom of this post following the entry deadline.

The winner is Sara Staffeldt who said:  Orange Blueberry Muffins! YUM

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  1. Definitely the savory apple cinnamon bacon breakfast cheesecake. Say that fast 5 times!

  2. Definitely the savory apple cinnamon bacon breakfast cheesecake. Say that fast 5 times!

  3. It is a hard choice! I love muffins and so I would like to try the Orange Blueberry Muffins, but the Mini Coconut Cakes with Coconut Cream look so good as well.

  4. For something a little different from what I normally bake, I think I’d first try out the mini coconut cakes with coconut cream. They look so good!

  5. The Luscious Lemon & White Chocolate Tart is fantastic; I love the idea of converting the muffin mix into a tart crust.

  6. The breakfast cheesecake without a second look. Who could resist apples, cinnamon, and bacon? In fact, I don’t think there may be a cheesecake that I wouldn’t taste;)

  7. The recipe that I want to try is the lemon and white chocolate tart. It sounds very good and my guys at the office will just eat it up!

  8. Being from the west – AZ – I would love to win some Martha White products and I would first make the Sour Cream and Chive Biscuits!

  9. I’d like to make the sour cream chive biscuits with country ham. I have tried several times over the years to make a decent biscuit; now I have an excuse to try try again. 🙂

  10. They all look good, but I’d start with the Southern Spoon Bread! 🙂

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    Joy @

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