Lime Round Up for St. Patty’s

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After all the fun with lime and green last week I decided to do a lime round up for St. Patty’s. These are other lime recipes that could easily be converted to a St. Patrick’s Day treat. Just add in some green food coloring.  So here you go!

Key Lime Pie Fudge – Tastes just like the pie and even includes a graham cracker crust!

Lime Round Up |

Key Lime Pie Fruit Dip – This luscious key lime pie fruit dip gets its great flavor from a key lime pie yogurt. You can add the zest of one lime to it also. I did and would highly recommend it.

Key Lime Pie Cake Bites – My friend Wendy was nice enough to share her recipe for key lime pie cake bites.  Don’t they look and sound fabulous! 

Lime in the Coconut Frosted Cookies – I developed them for a Betty Crocker Cookie contest.  Unfortunately, the recipes made the finals, but I figure I can still share it with you. 

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream – This is delicious! Tastes just like Key Lime Pie but in ice cream form.

No Bake Key Lime Mini Pies – This recipe for No Bake Key Lime Mini Pies includes some of the usual ingredients found in a key lime pie like sweetened condensed milk and key lime juice.  However, instead of using eggs as the stabilizer it uses some cream cheese and gelatin. 

Easy Key Lime Pie – ANYONE can make this key lime pie recipe. I really feel it is foolproof. There really is no excuse with this recipe

Fresh Lime Float – Deliciously fresh squeezed limes along with fizzy and bubbly lemon-lime soda can be so refreshing.  Why not make it even better by adding a scoop of lime sherbet? 

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