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Today’s review is of Southern Living Kids Cookbook.  I was unable to find this at my library and it is impossible to find a new copy to purchase.  You can find used copies to purchase for about $12.

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What I like about this cookbook:

  • Spiral bound – I always prefer a spiral bound cookbook especially for kids.  You need it to lay flat so you can see the recipe and stay on the page you are cooking from.
  • All About Cooking section – This is the first chapter of the book.  It includes pictures of tools and equipment. I love pictures to show what the items are.  It also explains colorful category banners assigned to each recipe such as “good for you” – recipes that are low in refined sugar, saturated fat, calories, and sodium.  This section also includes how to follow a recipe, how to set a proper place setting, how to cut up ingredients, knife know-how, how to prepare ingredients, and how to measure ingredients.
  • Picture for each recipe – this is a definite plus with a kids cookbook.  They can see exactly what they will be making. The pictures are well done and make you want to make the recipes.  Some recipes even include some step by step photos.
  • Prep and Cook Times – each recipe list the amount of time for preparation and cooking.
  • Did You Know?  – Throughout the book you can find “Did You Know?” sections telling you facts about the recipes.  I love the fact it helps the kids learn other this about the recipes too.

Even more of what I like about this cookbook:

  • Nutrition info included with each recipe – this is great if you are a family who needs to count calories.  It is also a good way to teach about nutrition.
  • Regular Categories and Theme Categories – it includes sections titled breads, soups, and main dish but also has themed categories like Party Time and Fun Foods.
  • A glossary – I think a glossary is very important for young cooks to use as a reference while cooking.  The words in the recipe that can be found in the glossary are noted in each recipe with an asterisk.
  • The recipes – I actually love this book so much I would use it myself.  I would think the recipe I would include in a kids cookbook would be very similar to these.  The recipe from yesterday for the Cranberry Lemonade Punch was one I did an adaptation from this book.  I also adapted another recipe coming up this summer from it also.
  • Kids in the Book – it includes pictures of other kids in the book which I think helps at to the excitement for the kids.

Items I am neutral about:

  • I didn’t have anything.

On the downside:

  • I think the instructions could have been broken down more to make it easier to follow.  Some steps seem really long and wordy for a kids cookbook.
  • It is harder to get your hands on a copy of this book.

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