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The Children’s Baking Book – Kids in the Kids

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I have another DK cookbook for you this week as part of my kids in the kitchen series.  This one is The Children’s Baking Book.  I picked my copy up at Costco for $11.49.  It is available on Amazon for $13.13.  I did also see it is available from my local library.

The Children's Baking Book  | realmomkitchen.com
What I like about The Children’s Baking Book cookbook:
  • Introduction Section – This introduction section very basic.  One page talks about safe baking and getting started.  The other page shoes you how to use the recipe the way they have layed it out. The back of the book also includes a section on decorating along with a glossary.  There is also an information page at the beginning of each category.
  • The Recipes – the recipes include a list of ingredients and tools.  They also include photos for each step.  Each recipe also includes a variation or Chef’s Tip like a quick recipe for caramel sauce if you want to use your own to top the toffee squares with instead of buying the sauce.  I think 50 recipes was a good amount for this book.
  • Photos – each recipe includes a photo plus as a mentions above it also includes photos for each step, the equipment needed and the ingredients.  DK books are known for the photography included in their books and this one is exactly what you would expect from DK.
  • Quick reference for step where adult help is needed – this book includes and icon (a triangle with an exclamation point) for any steps that adult help is needed in each recipe.
  • Categories – this book includes the perfect categories for a baking book – cookies and baked goods, doughs, cakes, and pastry.
  • Prep and Cook times along with cooking level– each includes a quick reference with prep and bake times which I feel is a must for a kid’s cookbook.  The book also includes the cooking level for each recipe – easy, medium, and hard – along with how much each recipe makes.  I love how this is all laid out together in once quick reference area for each recipe.
Items I am neutral about:
  • Nutrition info included with each recipe – this is not included. I like it included if you are a family who needs to count calories and is also a good way to teach about nutrition.  However, I didn’t think it is required.
  • Book binding – This book is not spiral bound. If you follow me regularly you know by now I always prefer a spiral bound cookbook especially for kids, but the binding isn’t a deal breaker for me.  It is just a preference.
The downside:
  • I didn’t really have anything with this book.  I found it very well put together.

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