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Key Lime Pie Cake Bites and a giveaway

Key Lime Pie Cake Bites | realmomkitchen.com
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I know that Saturday’s post usually consist of my fab five, but this week I am doing something different. And it includes a recipe for Key Lime Pie Cake Bites. With publishing my book, I found out that my book was going to be coming out the same time as another author my publisher works with, Wendy Paul.

Now Wendy is a seasoned cookbook publisher. Her new cookbook, 101 Gourmet Cake Bites, is her third book. She also published 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes and 101 Gourmet Cookies for Everyone. I used her cupcake base a while ago in my post for Gingerbread Cupcakes.

I follow Wendy’s blog and after finding out we each had cookbooks coming out at the same time, I sent her an email asking to chat and get some pointers from her.  She was so sweet and willing to help me out.  We also both got to go to a dinner this week to help promote our books.  Wendy did the desserts for the dinner.  She brought a variety of cupcakes and cake bites.  I sampled some cake bites and they were divine, delicious, and moist.  I tried both the red velvet and the mint brownie, loved them – especially the red velvet.

Now Wendy was nice enough to share her recipe for key lime pie cake bites.  Don’t they look and sound fabulous! For those of you who follow me regularly, you know how much I enjoy citrus desserts, especially anything key lime!  Also, I am lucky enough to give away a copy of Wendy’s new book  – 101 Gourmet Cupcake Bites.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me which cake bite you want to try the most – red velvet, mint brownie, or key lime pie.  You have until Tuesday August 9 at 10 pm MST to enter.

Key Lime Pie Cake Bites | realmomkitchen.com

Key Lime Pie Cake Bites

Real Mom Kitchen

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  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • ½ Tbsp grated lime zest
  • cup key lime juice
  • ¾ cup half and half
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ cup Lime Butter Cream Frosting recipe below
  • ½ cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 Tbsp grated lime zest


  • Mix together cake mix, 1/2 Tbsp lime zest, key lime juice, half and half and eggs.
  • Batter will be thicker. Pour batter into a greased 9x13 baking pan.
  • Bake at 350 degrees  for 28-32 minutes, until the cake springs back when lightly touched. Remove from the oven and cool completely.
  • Crumble cake into small, even pieces, placing crumbs in a large bowl.
  • With the back of a spoon, mix together cake crumbles with the frosting, sweetened condensed milk, and 2 Tbsp lime zest until a thick “dough” consistency forms, making it easy to shape into a cake bite.
  • Shape cake bites, evenly sized and cool for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator, or 20 minutes in the freezer. Dip into white melting chocolate. Top with crushed graham crackers.
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Key Lime Pie Cake Bites | realmomkitchen.com

Lime Butter Cream Frosting (makes approx. 3 cups of frosting)

Real Mom Kitchen

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  • 8 Tbsp 1 stick butter, room temperature
  • 3 ¾ cups powdered sugar sifted
  • 3-4 tbsp. milk or cream
  • 2 tsp lime extract or lime juice
  • 2 Tbsp lime zest


  • Place the butter in a large mixing bowl. Beat until light and fluffy, about 30 seconds. Stop the mixer before adding the sugar or you will have a large mess to clean up.
  • Add the sugar, 3 tablespoons milk (cream) and lime extract or juice and lime zest. Beat frosting starting on slow increasing your speed until frosting is nice and creamy. Add up to 1 or more tablespoons of milk (cream) if frosting to too thick.
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  7. I want to try all of them YUM but red velvet would be the one… I saw this book as well as yours right next to it.. and for sure want both!!!

  8. Key Lime Baby love your blog. I’m a blog stalker and I love your receipes keep them coming.

  9. This is a hard decision, but today Key Lime Pie sounds good! I want to make them now.

  10. I’ve NEVER left a comment on your blog before (but I have a whole binder made up of your recipes!) but I’m obsessed with cake balls (cake bites) and had to give myself a chance of winning a recipe book filled with recipes of them!

  11. It has to be Key Lime Pie! My son worked at Red Lobster and started to bring Key Lime Pie to various celebrations (they serve it with a drizzle of raspberry sauce). We are all hooked on that particular dessert, and the raspberry is a must … try it you will love it. I can see a small dessert plate with three of the Key Lime Pie bites drizzled with a little raspberry sauce, and a dusting of powdered sugar! Wow … this is my next dessert, and now we will not feel so guilty about all that Key Lime Pie! 🙂

  12. I want to make these with my darling little grand-daughters before school starts next week. These key lime look so delish…love your site and all your yummy ideas and recipes.

  13. I would love to try all three! But I would probably go for the key lime pie bites first. 🙂

  14. My daughters are flying in from Europe this weekend and I plan to surprise them with the Key Lime bites! My oldest daughter LOVES key lime anything — I think it will be a great welcome!!!!

  15. I would like to try the mint brownie. I Love your site. I always try new recipes from Real Mom Kitchen.

  16. I’d try the red velvet ones for sure, but I’d probably give them all a try at some point!

  17. I love me some red velvet! Yum! And…. I just love your site! Thanks for all the great recipes!

  18. YUMMY!!! I would LOVE to try the mint brownie ones, sounds so divine!!!!!!! but those key lime ones look amazing as well!

  19. The Key Lime bites for sure!! I am so with you on the citrus desserts. Key lime cake bites are incredibly intriguing. Just got your cookbook for my MIL, love it, thank you!

  20. Red velvet for me, but I’d make the key lime pie ones for my grandmother! It’s her favorite dessert.

  21. I would go for the key lime pie bites, I’m a sucker for citrus. Mint brownie would be a close second though, I love chocolate!

  22. Oh my – the keylime please! Thanks for posting this – been wanting a new keylime dessert (so I can pretend that fall isn’t coming quite yet). Yum!

  23. Red velvet! It’s only just becoming popular here in Australia so I haven’t tried many Red Velvet cakes!

  24. I made some chocolate and red velvet cake bites for my wedding reception and would LOVE to try new flavors. The first one up would be the Key Lime as I love tart and tangy flavors.

  25. I made some chocolate and red velvet cake bits for my wedding reception and would LOVE to try new flavors. The first one up would be the Key Lime as I love tart and tangy flavors.

  26. Although mint chocolate has been a favorite since childhood, I would love to try the other two as well. My grown up taste buds have matured and red velvet and key lime are flavors I also love now.

  27. Key Lime Pie sounds DELISH! The sour of the key lime with the sweetness of the cake is perfect!

  28. OH my! I would like to try all three! These look fantastic! I may just need to try and make these sometime soon!

  29. I would love to try the key lime pie. It looks so yummy. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  30. Oh my goodness. I can’t wait to make the key lime, but the brownie ones sounds heavenly too.

  31. Key Lime, in fact I will be making them this week for my best girlfriends Bday dinner @ my place.

  32. I would definitely want to try the key Lime, so perfect for summer weather. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  33. I think I would go with the Key Lime if I had to choose just one, but lets face it I am a total sweet tooth and would love them all!

  34. I totally want to try the Key Lime Pie bites first, but I’d probably end up making the Red Velvet because it’s my husband’s favorite.

  35. Since you were kind enough to post the recipe for the key lime here, that will definitely be the first one I make!

  36. I think the Mint Chocolate Brownie but I am drooling at the thought of Key Lime, too! Would just love to win this book!

  37. Ooh that’s a tough question – I love mint chocolate so the brownies sound great, but I also love lime (and lemon) cakes and cookies so I think I would have to try both – key lime will end up being first though since you have been so kind as to post the recipe here! Thanks!!

  38. OMG! The Key Lime Pie Cake Bites look & sound AMAZING! I fell in love with Key Lime Pie last year in Key West, and have made a couple of pies myself since then. But, I can not wait to try these!! Thanks for the recipe, I will be trying these VERY soon!!!

  39. They all sound good, but I’ll go with key lime! =)
    Mara @ Super Savings

  40. mmmmmmm mint brownie sounds YUMMY, but so does that red velvet……Im gonna have to go mint 🙂

  41. Red velvet would be the first, then key lime and lastly mint brownie. It would be hard to pick just one flavor!

  42. First of all – I’m a huge fan, Laura! Secondly, little red velvet bites sound like perfection!

  43. I would love to try the mint brownie. I love the combination of mint and chocolate.

  44. I would love to try the red velvet ones. There is just something about that rich flavor, that can bring so much happiness in one bite.

  45. Red velvet! I tried making a red velvet cake a few months back and it was a dissapointment, so I’d love to try one that tastes great. It might even inspire me to try making another cake myself!

  46. Red Velvet is usually always my flavor of choice, but these key lime ones sound intriguing!! So, I would love to try the key lime ones!

  47. I would love to try the key lime, although the brownie mint would be a close second!!

  48. Red Velvet all the way please! ; D
    Oh…..and I can’t WAIT to find a copy of your recipe book too.

  49. i would love to try the key lime pie ones. i love lemon and lime flavored food in the summertime. very cooling.

  50. I love anything key lime pie so I will be trying out this recipe. But I would also love to try the red velvet!! Yummy!!

  51. Oh I think I would first try the key lime and if there were any left of the mint brownies I would have a second one!

  52. i would love to try the red velvet, but i have such a sweet tooth, any would be great!

  53. Well, I really was set on trying the mint brownie bites UNTIL I read the recipe for the key lime pie bites . . . sounds absolutely delicious!! Just might have to try them both but I’m definately sold on the key lime pie bites!!!

  54. Mint brownie without a doubt! YUM! Key lime does comes in second! Both will be awesome.

  55. Key Lime sounds different for cake, so that is the one I would want to try first, then all of the others.

  56. I’d love to try the Key Lime Pie bites! I’ve had lemon bites before and they were delicious, so I’m sure those would be great too!

  57. I definately would go with the key lime! My mom has a key lime tree in her yard. I’m going to mail her the recipe. I miss not having a hard copy cookbook in my hands. The web is great for almost everything, but perusing cookbooks just can’t be duplicated!

  58. I wanted to type Key Lime (YUM!) but since ‘someone’ is reading over my shoulder and he thinks the best cake in the world is Red Velvet, I want to try Red Velvet first….and once again the birds are singing and the sun is shining in our little world. 🙂
    ♥ linda

  59. Ooh, key lime pie sounds perfect to me for summer. I just want it to last as long as possible!

  60. What fun cookbooks! As much as I love chocolate I love citrus desserts more in the summer months because they are so light and refreshing. These key lime bites look absolutely delightful!

  61. This summer has been a hot one! So, I’d go with the Key Lime Bites! It’s a great way to cool off and they would make you dream of sitting on a sandy beach watching the waves roll in! I need a vacation so I’m making them tonight!

  62. They key lime bites for sure! Keep up the great work. Congrats on your cookbook.

  63. I don’t normally like key lime, but these bites sound delish! Would love to try the key lime bites!! Can’t wait to get your cookbook, I pre-ordered and hoping its here any day!

  64. I would like to try the mint brownie! My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip and the mint brown sound like it would be a bite size flavor of my favorite ice cream.

  65. Key Lime….all the way, babe! I love anything lemon, lime or orange. I grew up on a citrus ranch in the middle of nowhere…..awwwww, those were the days….life was simple then!
    The Key Lime ones look awesome & sound delish….I think I just might “have to” make some today! 🙂

  66. I don’t normally like all things keylime, but since it’s summer it sounds nice and refreshing!

  67. Oh, boy! These look fantastic… I would die for a mint brownie cake bite (or maybe ten) 😀

  68. I want to try these Key Lime Pie bites. They look wonderful and they are just different enough in flavor that they aren’t your typical cupcake/bite flavor. I’m so excited. I try and use your recipes all the time. I’m so glad you take the time to do the Real Mom stuff …. YOU are the best!! HUGS!
    Carol Bair

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