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Inexpensive Girlfriend Christmas Gifts

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Girlfriend gifts are super important at Christmas for the teenage girl. So, today I am stepping out of the kitchen to share a couple inexpensive girlfriend Christmas gifts.

Some girls have a few close friends and only need a few gifts. That’s how I was when I was in high school. However, other girls have many friends which can get expensive for gift giving. This is how my daughter is. She has over a dozen friends she wanted to share gifts with this year. So, my daughter and I came up with 2 inexpensive girlfriend Christmas gifts for her friends this year.

Inexpensive Girlfriend Gifts | realmomkitchen.com
Inexpensive Girlfriend Gifts | realmomkitchen.com

First was some leather cut buffalo check earrings that we purchased off of Amazon. We were able to get 12 earrings for $6.99. I also found a free printable to use to help package them up. It is from a site called Persia Lou.

Here is the other supplies you will need make the gift:

Once you use the tan card stock to print off the free printable, you will need to cut them out with scissors. Then you will use the mini whole punch to punch two small holes just under the wording under the writing on the card. These hole will be how you place the earrings on the card. Secure the earring on the card using the small plastic earring backs that came with the earrings.

Inexpensive Girlfriend Gifts | realmomkitchen.com

Now you wrap the earring in cellophane, I used bags , but you can also just cut cellophane from a roll too. Then secure the bag or cellophane wrap over the earrings with magic tape. Tie a piece of twine around the cellophane wrapped card. Place it so it sits just under the writing on the card. I secure it in place by putting a piece of tape on the back of the card. That’s it!

The other gift is elastic hair ties. I grabbed some packages of Goodie ribbon hair ties from my local Kroger grocery stores. They were $4.29 for a package of 5. Then they were buy one get one free. So it cost $4.29 for 10 hair ties. You can get 100 assorted color ribbon hair ties from Amazon for $8.99. Or these are pretty easy to make on your own too.

Inexpensive Girlfriend Gifts | realmomkitchen.com

The free printable I found for these is over at See Vanessa Craft. Because of the color of the hair ties we got, I opted for using just white cardstock to print the cards on. However, you could change up the color to whatever you like and what works for your hair ties. This card also works well to use to give a traditional style scrunchie or even those larger telephone cord style hair ties.

Inexpensive Girlfriend Gifts | realmomkitchen.com

Once you print out the cards on card stock, you need to cut them out. Then you will lightly fold each card in half. You want it to have some shape, that why you just lightly fold it in half. It’s kind of like a matchbook. I then put 2 elastics on the back side of the card. Then you use just a little glue from a glue stick to glue the two ends of the card together.

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