How to Make a Hat for a Tea Party

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Today, I am not sharing a recipe. I’m getting crafty. This post is to go along with the recipe I shared with you yesterday. I’m sharing how to make a hat for a tea party.

With our annual family tea party, hats are a must. My daughter and I were in need of a new tea party hat for the tea party shower we helped throw for my niece.

How to Make a Hat for a Tea Party |

I picked up 2 simple floppy beach hats from Walmart. They were $7.97 each. They had various colors but I chose the natural color. I also wanted the decor on the hat to be removeable. That way we can use the hat as a beach hat later if we wanted to. Or, if we wanted to change the decorations on the hat, we could.

I ordered some stretchy lace from Amazon. They have all kinds on there. I used it to make a band on the hat. I just wrapped it around the hat to figure ot the length. Then, I tied the ends together in a knot, just like you do for those stretchy elastic hair ties.

How to Make a Hat for a Tea Party |

Then I took a small piece of cardboard. This was use to make a base to hold the flowers on the elastic lace and make it possible to remove the band of the hat when I wanted to.

Next, I use a low temp glue gun to glue flowers to the cardboard. I just pick up some artifical flowers from the Dollar Store. One of them included a butterfly, which I loved. I wanted the butterfly for my daughters hat.

How to Make a Hat for a Tea Party |

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