Harmon's Back of the Store Tour

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I was recently invited to attend a Harmon’s Back of the Store Tour.  Harmon’s is a grocery store here in Utah that has been around as long as I can remember.  I remember shopping there with my mother when I was a little girl and have been shopping there ever since.  It has been fun to see how Harmon’s has evolved their stores over the last 7 years to what they are today.  They aren’t your normal grocer.

Now, I got to go to the Bangerter Crossing Store store in Draper and meet Vice President Bob Harmon, along with Culinary Education School Director, Chef Robert “Bob” Bryant.  I got to try all kinds of yummy foods and hang out with some bloggers I know including Frieda from Frieda Loves Bread, Deborah from Taste and Tell, Nisha from Healthy Mom’s Kitchen, and Mariel from And So She Says.  I also got to meet some other great bloggers too.

The three main things I thought of after my tour at Harmon’s was fresh, natural, and local. 

They have an awesome cheese counter where you can find any kind of cheese you want and they will give you sample to try too.  They will be having some fun fondue packages for the holiday’s at the cheese counter.  The package will already have a great combination of cheeses put together for you.  So easy!

It is amazing to see the produce at Harmon’s.  They have such a large variety.  If you ever need a specific ingredients I’m pretty sure they will have it.  I got to sample some star fruit, which I have never tried before but had heard of.  Loved it!  They also try to carry local produce in their stores.  I love that.

They also have a terrific meat and fish department. 

The meat is natural and the fish is so fresh.  We all sampled some fully cooked crab legs that they have in the store right now.  Divine!  They even make their own sausage.  One other blogger there was raving about their spoon roast, so I bought one to try.  It’s like turning your oven into a slow cooker with this roast.  It comes wrapped in white paper and has white netting around that.  You put that in a roasting pan and cook it for 2 hours per pound at 250 degrees.  Then it come out so tender.  It is perfect to make shredded meat sandwiches.  Just mix in some barbecue sauce and you are set.  Another thing about Harmon’s meat is that it is all pan ready.  The meat is trimmed of all the excess fat, etc. for you.

The Bangerter Crossing Store has a fabulous pastry counter.   And I love their bakery.  They have fresh artisan breads made each day.  The bread has no additives or preservatives, is made with locally milled organic flour and local sea salt.

Their salad bar is so fresh.  You just pay by the pound.  It is a great way to get veggies ready to mix into a stir fry too.  You can hand pick a variety of prepared veggies to toss in to your stir fry and get the perfect amount and variety that you want.

You can also get pizza there that has been cooked in a wood stone oven.  YUM!

They even have gelato.  I love gelato.  They have a yummy pistachio gelato and a refreshing grapefruit sorbeto.  I have been dreaming about it since the tour.

We also had a yummy lunch to finish off our tour that included a yummy basil mint lemonade.

My stomach was definitely happy after this fun tour!  Thanks Harmon’s!  I was so glad to learn more about your stores.

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