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Fun News to Share

by Laura

So, I have some fun news to share with all of you. After living for just over 20 years in our current home, we have decided that it is time to move!

We have been wanting to move for years now. However, we just never found what we thought would be best for our family. Over a year ago, we went looking at a model home in the area. At the time, it just didn’t seem right for us but my daughter fell in love with the house. The kitchen was decorated with cupcake decor. My daughter would always talk about “the cupcake house”.

Gordon Milar Sopia Model

Well, after a year we went back to “the cupcake house”. They had opened up some new areas that they were building at. One area really caught our eye. After further discussion of things with the builder, we felt this would be the perfect option for our family. We decided to put money down and begin the process of building a new home.

The New House

We chose the build the Sophie house plan. It is just a little smaller than the model house which is the Sophia plan. So needless to say, my daughter is thrilled we are getting the cupcake house.

Gordon Milar Sopia Model

The great thing about building with Gordon Milar is they have house plans to pick from. Then you can adjust and chance the inside however you want. We chose to eliminate one small bedroom on the main floor to make room for a bigger closet in the master. That change ended up requiring us to reconfigure the master and stairs to the basement, but we loved the change.

We also chose to extend the 3 car garage to the back of the house to create extra storage space and a patio. We also are removing some closets that I didn’t think I need.  This made it possible to extend my wash room and pantry.

new house

It has been a fun process making up the plans. They have now began building the house. We have been meeting with everyone that they work with to pick tile, laminate, carpet, counter tops, cabinets, light, etc. I am so excited at how the kitchen (of course my favorite spot) is going to turn out. This house is going be amazing. I hope to share the building process with all of you.

Disclousre: This is not a sponsored post.


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k August 9, 2016 - 9:08 am

How exciting! I’d love to see updates as the process moves along. So happy for you and yay for the cupcake house! 🙂


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