Fab Five Other Breakfasts for Mom

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Our Breakfast for Mom week has come to an end.  In case you didn’t figure out what to make, I have fab five other breakfasts for mom from my archives.  Theses are all simple and you still have today to run to the store if you need an ingredient.

First up is Tutti Frutti Waffles.  I shared theses in March and come together quickly thanks to Bisquick.  However, they include a secret ingredient that help make them light and fluffy.

Fab Five Breakfasts | realmomkitchen.com

I love yogurt parfaits for breakfast.  It is a simple way to dress up the usual morning yogurt.  Just layer some fruit, granola, and yogurt in a clear glass and you are set.  You could even make homemade granola and give it to mom as a gift!

Fluffy French Toast is another breakfast that is simple to make.  The addition of baking powder makes it fluffy and it also uses maple flavoring to make it taste extra yummy

Tell mom you love heart with a heart shaped breakfast.  This recipe shows you how to shape ordinary refrigerator cinnamon rolls in to something special.

Last is this easy overnight oatmeal made in your slow cooker.  Make it extra special with a selection of fresh fruit to pile on top! I’m sure one of these fab five other breakfasts will be a treat for mom.

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