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Today’s fab five is all about books.  It’s a book fab five. I love to read a good book but have found it very hard to do while being a mom.  When my kids were finally all in school I had started my blog and still found it hard to do.  Since I love it so much, I do find time to sneak it in here and there.  Usually, I read when I am on a plane traveling for my blog or sitting at a doctors office.  Now, I have learned to keep a book in my purse for any possible opportunity to read.

I recently discovered an awesome website called Paperback Swap.  

I have a good collection of books that my kids and I have read, but we have no plans on reading them again. This is where Paperback Swap comes in.  I set up an account and listed books that I own and am ready to part with.  Then people looking for the books I list can request it from me.  I pay for shipping and ship it to them.  Shipping is usually around $2.50 a book.

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Then when the person receives the book, they let Paperback Swap know they got it and I get a credit on my account to get a book I want from someone else.  I can also keep a list of books I want that aren’t currently available.  Then Paperback Swap will notify me when one becomes available.  This has worked out better for me than the library because I was always paying for fines on books.  My kids misplace library books or don’t finish them in time.  Love this site!  You can also make purchases on Amazon through the site to help support it.

Goodreads is another great site.  

It is basically a book version of facebook.  You can follow your friends and see what they are reading.  This way you can get ideas from your friends on what to read.  You can read what they think of a book after they finish it too.  Also, you can interact with the authors on the site.  You can even find me in there for authoring my cookbook.

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Now I wanted to share the last 3 books with you that I have read.

 I had a goal of reading The Help before allowing myself to see the movie.  I was recently able to finish.  It was an awesome book with such great characters.  I must admit I was a little confused in the beginning because the perspective bounces between several characters.  I had a little bit of a issue keeping track of who was who.  Other than that I loved the book.  It is hard to believe that the story line for this took place not so long ago.

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Next was Lost December: A Novel by Richard Paul Evans, who is one of my favorite authors.

He is most well known for his book The Christmas Box. He comes out with a book similar to this one every year. They are quick reads, which works for this busy mom. Two of my favorites like this book are The Sunflowerand Promise Me.  He also has another series that I am highly anticipating the release of book 3. That series begins with The Walk followed by Miles to Go.  The third book in the series, The Road to Grace, will be released on May 8.

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Last, happens to be another Richard Paul Evens book, Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25.  

It is his first teen book.  I originally got the book for my oldest son to read and he loved it.  Recently, we had an out of town family funeral to attend and I threw the book in my purse in case I had some time to read.  My daughter ended up getting sick when we got there and I spent the entire time there in the hotel room with her.  I was so glad I had my book.

 I am on page 269 and enjoying it.  The book is about a boy named Michael Vey who is in high school and has Tourette’s syndrome.  Michael is bullied by 3 boys but has a secret power that he ends up using when the boys who bully him come after him again.  It is a great story of an underdog who becomes a hero.  I can’t wait to finish it.  My other son actually read the whole book this last week and also loved it too.  I know my two boys are waiting for the next book in this new series which comes out in August, Michael Vey 2: Rise of the Elgen. I hope you have enjoyed this Book Fab Five.

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  1. Richard Paul Evans is so sad!!!! = ) I can’t do him or Nicholas Sparks! They are so hard to read when everyone has horrible things that happen to them! That is why we are all different though!!!

    I really enjoyed a book this past week called Yashua’s Bridge by Sandi Rog. It is the second in a series and was excellent, it was not light reading, but reminded me of the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers.

  2. I love Paperback Swap! We just posted a bunch of my boyfriend’s books and they were gone in no time, now we’ve got so many credits!!

  3. yay! i am so excited that you are now talking about BOOKS! my two favorite things – recipes/cooking and books! i read The Help and loved it. I also love Nicholas Sparks and Richard Paul Evans. You sound like me – I read the John Grisham book for teenagers. ha. It was good. I will have to read Michael Vey! Thanks and keep more coming!!!!!! Make it a weekly thing! I am loving The Hunger Games – on book two.