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20 Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Today, I have put together 20 Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers. Enjoy!

20 Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving Leftovers | realmomkitchen.com
  1. Creamy Turkey and Wild Rice Soup (pictured above)
  2. Day After Thanksgiving Turkey Noodle Soup (pictured above) This recipe is made using the turkey carcass.  However, you could easily substitute the broth portion of the recipe with canned  broth or bouillon.
  3. Creamy Turkey and Rice Soup – This soup is tasty and filling.  
  4. Creamy Mexican Turkey Soup
  5. Turkey and Green Bean Casserole – This dish comes together quickly and is somewhat of a main dish take off of the good old green bean casserole.
  6. Monte Cristo Casserole – If you have both turkey and ham leftover this casserole is perfect.
  7. No Cream of Soup Hawaiian Haystacks – Just use turkey instead of chicken.
  8. Country Style Casserole – This country style casserole is pure comfort food and comes together quickly.
  9. Skillet Turkey Tetrazzini (pictured above)
  10. Turkey Fried Rice (Use leftover in place of ground turkey and just cook onions)
  11. Chicken (Turkey) a la King
  12. Turkey Skillet Fettuccine – This recipe is only 361 calories for one cup which is much healthier than a regular fettuccine recipe.
  13. Cranberry Turkey Enchiladas
  14. Turkey Cranberry Quesadillas (pictured above) These utilize leftover turkey and cranberries.
  15. Turkey Cranberry Wreath – This one is a family favorite.
  16. Thanksgiving Bundles – Fill crescent roll dough with leftover stuffing and turkey. Serve with gravy and cranberries.
  17. Costco Turkey and Provolone Sandwich
  18.  Turkey Cranberry Monte Cristo
  19. Easy Turkey Salad Wraps
  20. Turkey and Rosemary Pockets

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  2. What a great list! Believe it or not, we still have some turkey left… can’t wait to try one of these!