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Snowman Mini Donuts |

Snowman Mini Donuts


  • 20 mini powder sugar coated mini donuts (I used an 11.5 oz bag of Hostess Donettes)
  • a tube of black icing or gel
  • 20 orange candies that resemble a carrot (I used candy corn I got from a Autumn mix that have a white base but the remainder is orange. Other options could be orange jelly beans or candy orange slices cut into pieces. You can even use a orange peanut M&M or regular orange M&M. The regular M&M just won’t give you that 3 dimensional look)


  1. Take a mini donut.
  2. Place a dots of black frosting on the donut to create the snowman’s eyes. Then place 4-5 dots of black frosting on the donut to create the snowman’s mouth
  3. Then place a orange candy corn in the center of the donut to create the snowman’s nose. Repeat this process until all reindeer are completed or do it assembly line style and complete them all at once. Makes 20 Snowman Mini Donuts.
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