Panasonic Toaster and Kettle Giveaway

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With September being National Breakfast month, I wanted to share some new items from Panasonic. They just may help you with you morning breakfast. Their new Breakfast Collection features sleek stainless steel small kitchen appliances including a toaster and a kettle.

panasonic toaster

Panasonic Kettle |

Their new toaster includes seven browning levels, defrost and reheat settings. This is even a bread centering feature. It  gives optimum all over browning results for a variety of breads and food types.

The ergonomic side handles and stainless buttons allow for easy selection and use. Made to last, these toasters are packed with features which provide durability and safe use. Such as Stainless Steel Interior and Cool Touch Exterior keeping those little fingers safe and giving peace of mind. The new Panasonic toasters look elegant. It comes in a Steel or Glass Violet finish.

panasonic kettle

Next, the kettles simple design introduces a new dimension to the jug kettle. Making a real stand out design statement in your kitchen. The new range of Panasonic kettles look elegant, without compromising on their functionality.  Also, it is available in a steel or violet finish.

Ergonomic handles and spouts make for easy pouring and filling. These kettles are packed with features which provide durability and optimum performance. For example, it includes a washable lime scale filter and Blue LED indicators. Also, it has Stainless Steel Interiors with encased elements. Family friendly key safety features include Cool Touch Exterior and Auto Shut-off. This keeps those little fingers safe and giving peace of mind.

Panasonic Toaster and Kettle Giveaway

Panasonic is also providing one of each of these items to giveaway to a lucky RMK reader. Please enter in the rafflecopter widget below.

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  1. I would love the toaster. The one on my counter is ancient.
    I love the kettle too! That purple color and sleek style are gorgeous!

  2. I would like to win the toaster because my toaster that I am using now is so old and all of the heating elements do not work!

  3. The toaster! Half the family is gluten free, and if we need two toasters on the counters, I’d love for them to look nice! Right now, we have a super cheap one!

  4. I would love the Steel toaster! It’s gorgeous and would be such a huge improvement over the one we have now that takes forever to make a piece of toast. Thank you for the chance!

  5. the toaster… i’ve been using the toast option on my oven ever since my old convection oven/toaster went kaput… definitely nice to win and put less stress on my more expensive oven!

  6. I’d love to win the toaster! Mine died last year, and I just never got around to replacing it. I love how sleek that toaster looks too!

  7. I have never had a toaster before! Just a toaster oven. =) However, that kettle could have come in handy while canning yesterday. AH, I can’t say which one!

  8. I would love either one, but would probably rather have the toaster. I love that it browns your bread evenly which is always a problem and I really love the violet color. Any shade of purple is a favorite of mine!

  9. I would love to win the toaster first of all because I need a new toaster and I love that it has defrost and reheating settings.

  10. I would like the toaster because ours doesn’t work well. The one in your nice giveaway looks so sleek (it probably wouldn’t collect dust like our old one does)

  11. Loooooove the new look!! My kitchen would love to show off the kettle!! Especially because I broke my tea kettle over the weekend 🙁 Great job Panasonic and thanks RMK for showing off!

  12. Either would be a great addition into my kitchen! My toaster is on the fritz and I would love the kettle for all of the hot tea I drink in the fall and winter!

  13. The toaster because of the defrost and reheat settings, would be a great addition to a great toaster, and love that it comes in the Glass Violet finish.

  14. I would love the toaster. The one we have is so old and seemingly sets off the smoke alarm every time we use it. Maybe we also need a new smoke alarm, but a new toaster would be great!

  15. I would like the toaster. Hopefully in the violet finish but will be happy with the steel. My current toaster is 13 years old!

  16. I would love to have the kettle! We drink hot tea everyday. It would be great to have hot water ready whenever we wanted. The design is beautiful and purple is my favorite color. Thank you!

  17. I would LOVE to win the Panasonic Toaster. The one we have my SO and i bought about 6 years ago and I am shocked that it still works. PLUS the panasonic is super cool! Thank yoU!

  18. Great giveaway!! I’d love to win the toaster and surprise my husband. The one we have doesn’t work very well at all and he loves toast with eggs. I’d use it for toasting hot dog buns on the inside and bagels, too!

  19. I love them both! If I have to pick one I guess it would be the ….toaster. It would make breakfast time so much easier and faster for breakfast on the go. But I can also go for a nice pot tea anytime too.

  20. I would LOVE to win the electric kettle. Once we went to China when we adopted our child, we have LOVED electric kettles!! 🙂 And we are desperately in need of a new one. Thank you for this raffle!!

    Oh…and the toaster is amazing too!! 🙂

  21. I am a hot tea drinker, and that kettle would be so nice. But I do love the look of the new toaster, Choices–choices

  22. Really need a new toaster and this one looks great!! We use a toaster several times a day and mine is a cheap one from a bargain bin that likes to burn my food up!! No matter where you turn the dial, it keeps right on getting way too dark!!

  23. I would love to win either one. My Mom would love the kettle and I could use a new toaster. They both look like really nice appliances.

  24. I would love to win either one and could use both of them, but if I have to choose between them, I would love to win the toaster!!

  25. Love it! In dire need for a new toaster and the Cool Touch exterior would be a great feature to protect my new baby’s fingers!

  26. I’d love the toaster- we’ve had ours since we got married (and it came free with our microwave). We could definitely use an upgrade!

  27. No question: the purple toaster. It would make me smile (it’s my fave color) even when I was doing something as routine as making toast.

  28. I want the kettle! So much!! It is beautiful. And I don’t have an electric kettle. I would drink so much more tea if I had an electric kettle and didn’t have to boil pots of water on the stove top.