Fab Five Pizza Picks (actually 6)

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So as long as I can remember it has been a tradition at our home to have pizza for dinner on Friday night or Saturday night.  It is mostly on Friday night unless we have something going on that evening that doesn’t make it possible to have it.  In that case, we just move it to Saturday.   So you could say my family is pizza connoisseurs and I am sharing our fab five pizza picks with you. When we didn’t have the money to go out I would make pizza from scratch.  However, when I am able to buy it, I do.  I use it for a night off.

So when we do have pizza at home, my family’s favorite is homemade Pizza Hut pan pizza.  My oldest thinks it is even better that Pizza Hut.  If it was me choosing, my fave is the slow rise pizza crust with my homemade sauce!  I like the slow rise dough because it it has a bit of chewiness to it. If you want more homemade versions then check out my pizza category.

Pizza Hut Pan Pizza | realmomkitchen.com

My family’s favorite take out pizza is Pizza Hut’s pan pizza.  This one makes everyone happy.  My oldest some and I love the Super Supreme and the rest of my family loves the meat lovers.

Pizza Hut logo

Our second fave take out pizza is take and bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s.  Hubs pick is salami with ground beef, the pepperoni there is too spicy for his stomach.  However the rest of us love their pepperoni.  My oldest is will to venture out with me for some of their other pizzas (I am hoping this is a sign that as my other kids get older they will be more willing to eat other things).  My son and I especially love their pizza that come around once a year for a limited time.  We love the taco, bbq chicken, and chicken thai pizzas.

My all time favorite pizza though is from a local place called The Pie.  I first discovered their pizza when I went there in high school on a date.  At that time there was only one location.  They have since opened a few more.  I love to go there and just get a good old slice of cheese.  The cheese is thick and chewy.  The crust also has some nice chew to it.  Close second for me on this is actually a slice of cheese from Costco.  Again it has a nice layer of cheese.  My hubby says it screams heat attack, but I love it!  You can’t beat the price there for a slice with a drink!

Now if we want to go to a restaurant to eat pizza rather than bring it home, then we go for the Brick Oven.  We just discovered this last year when returning home from a family trip and we stopped in Provo to eat.  Since then they have built another location closer to home.  The best night to go here though is on Monday night which is free root beer night.  We also must always have root beer when we eat pizza, it is required!

Now if you want to pick up a pizza from the store my choice is always Freschetta, more specifically their Brick Oven pepperoni.  Any of their pizzas are delish, but we really enjoy the Brick Oven Pepperoni.

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  1. I’ll have to try one of your homemade recipes. If you are ever in the Ogden area try “The Ogden Pizzaria” on Washington Blvd. It’s our favorite and very popular around here. Plus they are pretty cheap for such a good pizza. They also have a great deluxe salad and make the best Thousand Island dressing I’ve ever had. Just FYI 🙂